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SuperMemo 99 for Windows

SuperMemo 99 for Windows is a program for computer-assisted learning. It uses a number technologies that make the learning process more effective. It can be used by individual students or by authors of learning material. It is most suitable for self-instruction but it also provides authoring features needed to develop attractive interactive hypermedia courseware and presentations. It can help you (or your students) remember whatever you think is worth remembering. It can also help you convert the knowledge from the Internet into rock-solid knowledge in your memory. You can start using the program in minutes. In the beginner mode, you only need to know two operations: Add new (adding new learning material) and Learn (memorizing and rehearsing the material). You can then gradually progress to the basic, middle and professional levels. If you find this text too long, jump directly to the Screenshot Tour

Most important technologies used in SuperMemo 99

General steps in using SuperMemo 99

Note: there is no compilation stage before releasing a CD-ROM course in SuperMemo 99. Indeed, the author can give the students a free hand to expand and/or improve upon the learning material!

Important! SuperMemo 99 is ideally suited for self-learning. All complexities of the program can be circumvented by choosing only two options: (1) Add new which adds a new question-answer pair to the collection, and (2) Learn which rehearses the introduced material. Indeed, this mode has made SuperMemo the most popular software ever developed in Poland. See: ABC of SuperMemo 99

abc.jpg (27365 bytes)

Figure 1. SuperMemo in the beginner mode can be mastered in minutes

Most prominent features implemented in SuperMemo 99

element.jpg (50172 bytes)

Figure 2. SuperMemo in professional mode makes it possible to create interactive tests, multiple-choice-tests, drag-and-drop tests, and many more

stats.jpg (61596 bytes)

Figure 3. Detailed learning statistics make it easier to understand the learning process and the limitations of human memory

Further steps: