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International interfaces for SuperMemo

This page lists freeware language interfaces for SuperMemo for Windows.

Important! These interfaces work only at the Beginner and Basic levels. Some may require specific languages settings in MS Windows to show correctly.

Using Tools : Options : Language : Localization table in SuperMemo, you can prepare a localized interface for the beginner and the basic level. The whole translation can be done in 5 minutes, as the entire interface of SuperMemo consists of only 50 strings

If you have created an interface not available on this list, you can send it in an e-mail attachment and it will be added to the list. All interfaces for SuperMemo are freeware!

Note that SuperMemo 8.4 introduces 7 new strings that are not included in 8.2 interfaces. SuperMemo 98 introduces further changes. SuperMemo 99 and SuperMemo 2000 require 50 strings

Currently available interfaces for SuperMemo:

To change the interface in SuperMemo to one of the above do the following:

  1. Download an interface from the list above (only 1000 bytes!)
  2. Copy the interface file to the subdirectory translat in the SuperMemo directory (the filename is <language name>.tra)
  3. Choose the interface's name in Tools : Options : Language : Localization language

An alternative approach is to:

  1. Download an interface from the list above (only 1000 bytes!)
  2. Choose Tools : Options : Language : Localization table
  3. Type the language name in the Localization language field (you do not have to use the name of the downloaded file)
  4. Choose Import in Localization table and select the downloaded interface file (the filename is <interface name>.tra)

Important! Localization affects only SuperMemo in Beginner and Basic mode