SuperMemo 9

SuperMemo 9 is the continuation of SuperMemo 8 on the 32-bit platform. It is the first SuperMemo that has entered the era of e-commerce and reached the most remote corners of the globe. It greatly extends the functionality of SuperMemo 8, adds lots of speed, and provides for much better stability and reliability. It is also the highest ranked SuperMemo in terms of user satisfaction in the entire history of SuperMemo software (until 2000).

Work over SuperMemo 9.0 started in Fall 1997. The program was extensively rewritten in Delphi 3.0 and later recompiled with Delphi 4.0 (SuperMemo 98 freeware was later recompiled in Delphi 6.0). SuperMemo 9.5 (1999) witnessed the expansion of the customer base to the magic barrier of one million!

The two steps in the development of SuperMemo 9:

In March 2005, SuperMemo 9 was released as SuperMemo 98 Freeware.

SuperMemo 9.0 (1998)

New features of SuperMemo 9.0 (Sep 1998):

  1. First 32-bit SuperMemo (written in Delphi 3.0)
  2. Increased speed (e.g. rendering elements 400%, search 200%, review in contents 100%, review in browsers 100%, recovery 80%, and more)
  3. Long filenames
  4. Unlimited length of texts
  5. Unlimited number of elements in the browser
  6. RTF support
  7. HTML support (including hyperlinks to other elements, registry text and images, external HTML files and files available from the Internet)
  8. JavaScript support (in HTML components)
  9. OLE support (e.g. to include files from MS Word, Corel, MS Equation, Mind Manager, etc.)
  10. Support for WMF, transparent and stretched GIFs and JPGs and more
  11. Transparent texts and images
  12. Background images in the element window
  13. Three levels of complexity: beginner, basic, and professional (to make SuperMemo easier at the entry level)
  14. Selectable interface font
  15. In-built simulation of the learning process
  16. New browser operations: sorting by columns, remember, forget, dismiss, final drill, etc.
  17. Automatic final drill scrambling
  18. Question of the Day
  19. Support via the Internet directly from the program
  20. HTML help
  21. One-step upgrade of files created with SuperMemo 8.4 (simply open the kno file)
  22. Possibility of installing a plug-in repetition spacing algorithm developed by a third party (e.g. neural network SuperMemo)

SuperMemo 9.5 (1999)

New features of SuperMemo 9.5 (Oct 1999):
  1. Recompiled with Delphi 4.0
  2. Introducing the concept of a reading list (SuperMemo can now be used to import electronic texts from the Internet and help the user in prioritizing the material, splitting it into manageable portions, converting it into selections and items or separate reading tasks)
  3. Introducing the concept of a tasklist (although tasklists are an underlying concept for reading list management, they can also be used in to-do list management)
  4. Tasklist manager for managing reading lists and tasklists
  5. Reading list management options for text and rich text components (queue extract, remember extract, task extract, queue cloze, remember cloze, etc.)
  6. Learning in a single branch that can be resumed between sessions
  7. Category registry for better management of a large number of categories
  8. Templates can be edited in the template registry
  9. Extended and orthogonal contents and browser operations
  10. Extended statistics (e.g. lifetime repetition time in days, average repetition time, daily working time in minutes, and many more)
  11. Midnight date shift delay for those who make repetitions after midnight
  12. New user interface based on four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Basic, Middle and Professional
  13. Layout management
  14. Manual inter-repetition interval adjustment
  15. Intelligent folder management (no more children overflow dialog box)
  16. Merge with template works on compatible types (e.g. HTML, RTF or text)
  17. Repetition ceiling to limit the inflow of new material
  18. Branch rescheduling
  19. One-step upgrade of files created with SuperMemo 8 and SuperMemo 9.0 (as well as import from SuperMemo 6 for DOS and SuperMemo 7 for Windows)