Registry window


Registries in SuperMemo are sorted sets of objects used such as texts, images, sounds, fonts, etc. By using registries, SuperMemo reduces the overall size of collections, and makes it easy to reuse objects already introduced into the current collection. For more information about registries see: Using registries.

All existing registries can be accessed from the Search menu.

A registry window is used to access individual members of a registry.

Parts of the registry window

SuperMemo: Image registry which you can use to review images used in your collection
Figure: An image registry is a set of image files sorted by their names. The picture presents a typical image registry. There are 21,645 pictures in the registry (as displayed in the caption). Image names are displayed on the left. Most of pictures are stored in the JP(E)G format. Other formats show in different colors: GIFs in orange, PNGs in yellow and BMPs in lime. Pictures with checkmarks can be extracted into a picture subset (e.g. to illustrate a chosen element). The currently displayed picture is one of citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle, TCA cycle). Individual elements in SuperMemo can focus on small portions of this large picture. The list of elements using a given picture can be displayed in the bottom-right panel by clicking List at the very bottom of the registry window. The status bar displays selected information about the current image. It is the 3637th image in the alphabetical order. It is reused by 55 elements. It is located on physical position 2270 in the registry. It occupies the file slot 196353 in the [ELEMENTS] subfolder. Its path and filename in the [ELEMENTS] subfolder is displayed next. The file is 121,712 bytes large. It was imported or created on Oct 21, 2006 at 17:54:34.

A right click over the registry window opens the registry menu with advanced operations on the registry.

Status bar

Button panel

Exemplary registry windows

Concept registry window

SuperMemo: Concept registry which you can use to execute neural review on selected members and change their properties

Translation registry window

SuperMemo: Translation registry stores translation texts that correspond with the text registry in the currently selected translation language