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Contents : Beta-testing
SuperMemo 98 beta-testing program

Warning! Upgrade from SuperMemo 8.x to SuperMemo 98 is irreversible!

Accessing help:

  1. Please download smweb.chm file from the Site Map page (1.7 MB) and place it in the bin subdirectory of SuperMemo. This file can be used to display context-sensitive help pages in SuperMemo
  2. You can also access help from this site: SuperMemo 98 Help

Minimum Requirements:

New features added during beta-testing

Bugs fixed

Beta B, Aug 20, 1998

Beta C, Aug 25, 1998

Beta D, Sep 3, 1998

Beta E, Sep 15, 1998

Beta F, Sep 19, 1998

You can compare the present beta-testing procedure with the results of beta-testing SuperMemo 8.2 (Feb 1997 - May 1997) and beta-testing SuperMemo 8.4 (Aug 1997 - Jan 1998)