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Make money with SuperMemo

This is an archive file. This program has been terminated.

In our quest to popularize SuperMemo we are currently working on a number of new programs that will make it much easier for you to earn money on SuperMemo. Here is a short list of the most interesting programs (in the order of increasing complexity and investment):

  1. Money in the link - link to SuperMemo Store and get 33% from sales generated by your link. This is three times the industry average on syndicated sales! No requirements or pre-screening. You will even get a secret URL to monitor traffic and sales from your link. For details see: Money in a link
  2. Learning material development - sell your own learning material for SuperMemo. No license fees! We will link to your website to promote your work. If you do not have your own website, we can also sell your material for you with 33% royalties coming back to you. See: Submissions to SuperMemo Library
  3. Site franchising - sell SuperMemo to a non-English language areas in return for a competitive monthly franchisee fee. You will control the sales, statistics, payment methods, etc. All revenues will stay with you!
  4. E-distribution - sell SuperMemo to a non-English language area that is closed to franchising
  5. Reselling - sell SuperMemo CD-ROMs in your country. Write to: krzysztof@supermemo.net
  6. Replication licensing - produce your own SuperMemo CD-ROM or DVD. If you are new to CD technology, we can do the development for you!
  7. Technology licensing - develop your own software using the SuperMemo method. You can include our repetition spacing DLL in your application in hours! You can also consider developing varieties of SuperMemo and educational software for non-Window platforms