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Sell SuperMemo from your own website

This is an archive file. This program has been terminated.


SuperMemo World has established a program that will let you sell SuperMemo from your own website in minimum time and with minimum investment.

You do not have to share your profit with SuperMemo World! You will receive the right to sell SuperMemo from your own website in return for an extremely competitive monthly license fee. To sell from a non-English website to a small language-limited market, this fee may be equivalent to just a couple of copies sold!!! No strings attached. All profits come to you!

If you already have a website, your set up costs will be negligible. Once you sign in for the program, you will receive a specially modified version of SuperMemo with your address, e-mail, interface, help, and website URL. Users will be able to download an unregistered version of SuperMemo that will generate registration files with your e-mail address. This way you will be able to process payments and dispense the registration password without the knowledge or interference from SuperMemo World.

We hope to initiate massive franchising and development of a variety of instructional material that will help make SuperMemo yet more popular in places which we have traditionally had problems to penetrate: Africa, South America, Far East, Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, Bielorus, etc.), Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Arab world, and many more.

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Send an e-mail with a request to sign up for the program or with further questions to: SuperMemoMail. Describe your website, target language and the target audience. If you do not have a website, we can help you arrange one
  2. In response you will receive an estimation of the cost of the monthly license that will mostly depend on the size of your target market and the number of similar websites in operation in this market. For a slightly higher price, you can even exercise a temporary exclusivity option. You will be surprised with how competitive our pricing is!
  3. Once we receive a signed contract and your first monthly payment along with your contact data (name, address, e-mail address for registering SuperMemo, and website address), you will receive a dedicated version of SuperMemo within 3-4 working days!
  4. You can start operations immediately (note, however, that any indications of customer dissatisfaction may be ground for immediate termination of your contract)
  5. If your website provides rich information about SuperMemo in a foreign language, you might even receive a link from our front page at www.supermemo.com

What is a franchise

Franchise is a business concept referring to the right to learn, gain and adopt a proven business format, and the license to operate under the name of the franchise. Statistics show that new franchises have only a fraction of the failure rate of newly set-up businesses. In the US, 550,000 franchises are now generating over $800 bn in sales. Franchises are expected to reach 50% of all retail sales by the year 2000.

Although e-commerce is not yet a well-establish success formula, it is currently growing at rates estimated at 200-400% annually. Similarly, SuperMemo has yet to score a major success in its over-the-web sales strategy. However, SuperMemo has over the years proved its tremendous growth potential. Software sales are one of the best success stories of e-commerce. It is well known that innovative solutions with a significant competitive advantage are best suited for quickly gaining a strong niche in the electronic channel.


  1. ready-made concept of selling SuperMemo software via electronic channels
  2. training and support
  3. our knowledge and experience
  4. brand name with accumulated promotion and well-established reputation
  5. minimum initial capital
  6. reduced business risk
  7. access to SuperMemo trademark and software
  8. free research and development
  9. territorial guarantees based on language barriers
  10. immense growth potential
  11. possibility to sign up for a 6-month trial period


  1. franchisee fees (depending on the target population)
  2. dependence on SuperMemo World (quality of new software, support, brand reputation, etc.)
  3. slow start due to the fact that Internet sales of SuperMemo are in the initial phase and the whole e-commerce concept has not yet truly set off

Countries excluded

Note: Websites targeting the following languages cannot currently be considered: English, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. If your website targets these languages and you would like to sell SuperMemo, please write to SuperMemoMail for consideration. In selected cases, you may opt to sign E-Distribution Agreement which makes up an alternative