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Reselling SuperMemo: E-Distribution agreement

This is an archive file. This program has been terminated.

This is an outline of E-Distribution Agreement you will be signing in case you opt for reselling SuperMemo from your own website in previously franchised or subfranchised language areas. Some clauses are confidential and are not included in this text. Additionally, all individual agreements may be extended by special clauses on case by case basis

Important! Please check if your language area is open to franchising which is likely to ensure higher profitability. Currently we cannot consider e-distribution formula for English language websites (see: Money in a link instead)


Outline of E-Distribution Agreement on selling SuperMemo products via electronic channel

This is an e-distribution contract between SuperMemo Research (or its franchisee) later called Developer, and Your-Company, represented by Your-Name, later called E-Distributor in reference to selling SuperMemo in Your-Market, later called Market, in Your-Period, later called Period.

  1. Services. Developer will provide E-Distributor with a special version of SuperMemo, later called Product, adapted for Market and extended by:

    Developer will provide reasonable support and training via e-mail including FAQ support for problems that cannot be solved by E-Distributor. In justified cases, Developer will also provide support to customers of E-Distributor in case of problems that could not be solved by E-Distributor in reasonable time.

  2. Royalties and profit sharing. E-Distributor will be granted the right to sell Product via his own website(s), called E-Distributor Website. E-Distributor will retain Your-Margin proportion of sales of SuperMemo from his website(s). The remaining income will be transferred monthly to Developer's bank account
  3. Territorial rights. E-Distributor Website must target only Your-Market in Your-Language. E-Distributor Website may include material in other languages, including material promoting SuperMemo, on condition that this material does not provide an obvious path to making a sale of Product and clearly indicate Developer or other E-Distributors as owners to territorial rights related to the language in question. E-Distribution Agreement is considered complementary to Franchising Agreements signed with other resellers and as such does not provide an option whereby E-Distributor be granted territorial exclusivity
  4. Intellectual property rights. E-Distributor may freely identify with Developer activities, use trademarks, logos and copyrighted material including but not limited to the entire non-copyrighted contents of SuperMemo Website at www.supermemo.com/english and www.supermemo.com/help. E-Distributor may freely develop and sell learning material for SuperMemo from E-Distributor Website. To include material from SuperMemo Library, E-Distributor will need a separate agreement with SuperMemo Library
  5. Record keeping. E-Distributor is obliged to keep the exact record of downloads and sales. These should be made available to Developer on the monthly basis. Both registration e-mail address and the address for receiving orders must include forwards to SuperMemoMail
  6. Quality control. E-Distributor is obliged to provide, upon request from Developer, an accurate translation to English of material publicly available from E-Distributor Website. E-Distributor Website must display on its front page or SuperMemo front page the following message in English: In case you have any complaints about the service at <E-Distributor>, please write to SuperMemo World 
  7. Affiliate marketing. Neither Developer nor its franchisees are obliged to link from their website(s) to E-Distributor Website
  8. Dealership. E-Distributor is granted an option to sign dealership agreements to resell SuperMemo at his discretion on condition that registration and orders will exclusively arrive at E-Distributor addresses provided with forwards to SuperMemoMail
  9. Duration and renewal. This contract is valid for Period. After that it will be extended for the period of one year unless one of the parties serves the other a two-months notice
  10. Termination. Failing to meet any of the aforesaid conditions on the part of E-Distributor or justified user complaints about E-Distributor are the basis for immediate termination of this agreement. E-Distributor may opt to terminate this agreement with three-months notice. Termination does not free E-Distributor from paying E-Distributor fee in Period