SuperMemo Downloads

Updated: Nov 17, 2017

Freeware and trial versions of SuperMemo for Windows

For best performance, you can pick SuperMemo dated to the same period as your current Windows installation.
For help see: Help with SuperMemo Download.



Import from versions before SuperMemo 16

If you want to import from versions older than SuperMemo 16 to SuperMemo 17 or later, you need to upgrade your collection to SuperMemo 16 first. You can use a trial version above. You can also mail support for help if you are not sure how.

Import from versions from before SuperMemo 8:

Information about SuperMemo 6/7 import

If you want to import files from SuperMemo 6 for DOS or SuperMemo 7 for Windows to newer SuperMemos for Windows (ver. 8-12, 1997-2004), use File : (Tools :) Import : SuperMemo 6 or 7. Before you execute that option, you have to put the file sm7imprt.exe in your SuperMemo's \bin subfolder.