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Money in a link

You can link to SuperMemo Store and receive 33% of sales revenue generated by your link!




  1. Write to SuperMemoMail with the address of your website (short description and traffic figures are optional but welcome)
  2. Within one business day you will receive two URLs at http://www.super-memo.com:
    1. Linking URL: you will use this on your website to link to SuperMemo Store
    2. Analysis URL: you will use this to monitor traffic, sales and your earnings at SuperMemo Store
  3. Link to SuperMemo Store by using Linking URL



Note that you will be linking to SuperMemo Store at www.super-memo.com, which is different than this site (www.supermemo.com). It is important that you provide the customer with sufficient information to be ready to buy from SuperMemo Store. Otherwise, the customers will drift to www.supermemo.com before making a purchase (e.g. to get more information), and will not be included in the statistics!

Once you receive the linking URL, replace index.html with pages you would like to link to (e.g. sup84dow.html, aden97.html, etc.). This should greatly reduce the drift to www.supermemo.com

Questions about Money in a link:

I signed up for Money in the link (see: http://www.integratedcommerce.com) and would like to know to what extent I can reuse the material available from your website?
You can freely reuse the material from our site as long as:

  1. You do not modify texts copyrighted by individual authors (e.g. Forget about forgetting). The authors are always listed in the header. If no one is listed, you can modify the text
  2. You do not exaggerate the claims about what can be accomplished with SuperMemo

We are always happy to spread the word about our technologies and are also happy if individual webmasters add their own wording or flavor. This way we can also learn how to effectively convey the message!

Prices in Yahoo Store are subject to change without notice (#6886)
According to the Tracked Link Report, I receive a different Merchandise Credit on different days. Why is it so if the credit base is constant (33%)
Once prices change, so will your credit. Some items are subject to quite price fluctuations (esp. library material)