Element window

The element window displays the learning material. At one time, you can see only one "page of information" called an element.

The parts of the element window from the top are:

SuperMemo: The element window displaying an extract produced from a larger article titled Chloroplast imported from Wikipedia

Element menu: The element window also provides a number of advanced options from the element menu. To open this menu right-click over the element area that is not covered with components. If you are not sure what the location of components is or components cover all element's display area, right-click over the navigation bar (e.g. over the Contents button). You can also open this menu by pressing Alt+F10. This menu should not be confused with the component menu that is opened by a right-click over components (or Alt+F12).

Edit : Element parameters (Ctrl+Shift+P) will open the Element parameters dialog box.

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