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Files and folders used by SuperMemo

These are the files used by a typical SuperMemo installation:

SuperMemo folder - usually c:\sm8, c:\sm98, c:\sm99, etc.

Most important fields of the KNO file

The size of variables used above in bytes is: longint 4, byte 1, real48 6, and word 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your collection can suddenly appear empty!
With luck, you can recover from "empty backup"! 

(Marcin Piekarniak, Poland, Dec 2, 1997)
How to easily back up Advanced English 97? In Advanced English 94 the entire system could be compressed to a 1.4 MB file!
You can backup the learning process only. This way only the data pertaining to items in the learning process will be stored (not items themselves). Use File : Tools : Export : Learning process to export the data. Later, upon reinstalling Advanced English 97, you can restore the learning process with File : Tools : Import : Learning process