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Component pop-up menu

Components in SuperMemo are texts, images, sounds, buttons and other pieces that are used in composing a single page displayed by SuperMemo.

Each component can have its appearance and behavior changed by means of options available from its own pop-up menu. To open a component pop-up menu right-click over the component. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+F10 to open the pop-up menu of the current component (the one marked with a shadow). You can switch the current component with Ctrl+T. Ctrl+T selects the next component clockwise, while Ctrl+Shift+T selects the next component anti-clockwise.

The following lists describes all options you can find on pop-up menus of components of different type. As these options are often same for various component types, they are all described here. A given component might not display an option that is irrelevant (e.g. Insert OLE object appears only in OLE components, while Delete is common to all components).

Important! HTML components and OLE components display their own pop-up menus in the presentation mode. HTML components display typical internet browser pop-up menu while OLE components display the menu dependent on the OLE server that handles a given OLE object (e.g. if you use an MS Word OLE object, MS Word pop-up menu will be opened if you right click over the OLE component).

The component pop-up menus include a subset of the following options:

Frequently Asked Questions

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