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SuperMemo 8 for Windows

SuperMemo 8 for Windows is a program for computer-assisted learning. It uses a number of recently developed technologies that make the learning process more effective. It can be used by individual learners or by learning systems authors. It provides all authoring abilities needed to develop attractive and effective interactive hypermedia courseware and presentations.

The most important technologies used in SuperMemo 8:

The general steps in using SuperMemo 8:

Note: there is no compilation stage before releasing a course in SuperMemo 8. Indeed, the author can give the students a free hand to expand and/or improve upon the system!

SuperMemo 8 is also ideally suited for self-learning. In such a case, all complexities of the program can be circumvented by choosing only two options: (1) Add a new item which adds a new question-answer pair to the system, and (2) Learn which rehearses the introduced material. Indeed, this mode has made SuperMemo one of the most popular software applications ever developed on Polish soil

The list of most prominent features implemented in SuperMemo 8.

For more implementation details in reference to SuperMemo 8 see History of SuperMemo 8 Development and SuperMemo 8 Beta-Testing Programs (8.2 and 8.4).

Minimum requirements:

Additionally, the following hardware might be useful:

If you are interested in using SuperMemo 8 choose one of the following: