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Millennium bug in SuperMemo SuperMemo World
The worldwide cost of the y2k bug has been estimated to $600 billion (which is about the market capitalization of Microsoft or twice the annual savings of the GATT agreement). When the world passed January 1 without major glitches, someone asked: Can we have a refund? Some have seen the y2k bug as a major global conspiracy intended to boost earnings of selected software developers and consultants. Yet the story of y2k in SuperMemo is a good illustration how real the danger of y2k really was

This is the history of the millennium bug in SuperMemo

All registered users of SuperMemo can receive a relevant free update! If your SuperMemo is dated before Feb 28, 2000, you can receive update instructions by writing to SuperMemoMail (please quote your registration number, order number or user password -- if you remember neither, quote your full name and country)

Users of SuperMemo 8 and SuperMemo 98 can simply download the update and replace sm8.exe or sm98.exe file. To download click here:

Important! Learning process is Y2K compliant in all versions of SuperMemo! You do not need to update if you meet these conditions:

We apologize for the inconvenience related to upgrading your SuperMemo! Your time is very precious to us and we highly regret that the notorious y2k problem had to creep in SuperMemo

Frequently Asked Questions

(Tomasz Szynalski, Poland, Sep 7, 1998)
I have been using SuperMemo 6 Public Domain [for DOS] for years (this version seems enough!). However, I have recently noticed that it suffers from the millennium bug! If I buy
SuperMemo 99, can I be sure that my learning process will be safe?
Indeed there is a Y2K problem in SuperMemo 6. However, it probably touches only handling dates in the monthly calendar of repetitions. This should not affect the learning process per se! As for SuperMemo 99, there were some glitches and we had removed them all within three days since the moment they were documented (see above)

(Przemyslaw Bak, Poland, Nov 2, 1999)
I use SuperMemo 6 as this is the only version that would run under Linux. I heard of Y2K bug in SuperMemo 6. Will I have to give up SuperMemo in 2000?
You will be able to continue after Dec 31, 1999:

  1. There is only a problem with displaying dates in Monthly Burden in SuperMemo 6. This should not affect your learning process
  2. We consider digging out the old SuperMemo 6 code and fixing the problem in question if we get more user complaints
  3. The only component that may cause problems is transfer.exe from SuperMemo Toolkit. It is recommended that you delete this file
  4. Inprise announced Delphi support for Linux in the year 2000, and if it only becomes feasible, we will attempt to port SuperMemo 99 to Linux