60 questions and answers about SuperMemo 8

Introduction to SuperMemo

Differences between SuperMemo 8 and earlier versions of SuperMemo

Using the SuperMemo method

Using SuperMemo 8

Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo
Length of intervals

Speed of learning

Advanced questions

Other questions

Introduction to SuperMemo

Can a computer-illiterate person use SuperMemo?

Can I write my own SuperMemo knowledge system concerning subjects of my interest?

Can I buy SuperMemo COD from SuperMemo World?

Can I release my own material created with SuperMemo

After buying SuperMemo, what sort of discounts in buying upgrades can I expect?

If I don't have a computer, can I use the SuperMemo method?

Can I use SuperMemo in a computer lab?

If I prepare a knowledge system for SuperMemo, can I sell it to SuperMemo World?

Do you have SuperMemo for platforms other than Windows?

Differences between versions of SuperMemo

What are the basic differences between SuperMemo 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8?

Are SuperMemo 8 knowledge systems compatible with SuperMemo 7?

What is the size of SuperMemo 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in KB?

What is the size of SuperMemo together with a knowledge system?

Where can I get old shareware versions of SuperMemo 1 through 4?

How can I get SuperMemo 6 Public Domain?

Using the SuperMemo method

Why does SuperMemo ask only those items which are difficult?

How do you memorize an item after memorizing all other items?

I left for vacation, and my learning process is in mess. What should I do?

What to do after a long neglect of repetitons?

How can I make my repetitions ahead of time?

How can I drill all memorized items before an exam?

How do you quickly cram before a driver’s license exam?

How can I review difficult items in my knowledge system?

How can I review items scheduled for final drill?

How can I easily review items that I have already been memorized?

Why does not SuperMemo mix the order of items?

Can I make repetitions in two copies of a system?

Why is time updated only at repetition time?

Why doesn't Spell-Pad provide grades from Null to Bright; just pass or fail?

Using SuperMemo

How do you make back-up copies?

When I back up my knowledge systems, do I have to back up SM8.EXE as well?

My computer was hit by a virus. SuperMemo reports integrity errors. What should I do?

SuperMemo displays strange error messages and aborts frequently?

How do you get to the previously appended item?

How can I undo a wrong grade?

What should I use Duplicate for?

Is it possible to review all particularly difficult items?

How can I list items with short intervals?

Can I import my ASCII database?

Can SuperMemo work with other file formats?

What sound boards is SuperMemo compatible with?

How do you avoid “Missing translation” warnings?

Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo: length of intervals

Shouldn’t lower grades produce lower intervals?

Why isn’t there a correlation between grades and intervals?

Why is the first interval not always of the same length?

Why grades do not work at final drill?

Why aren’t first repetitions made on the next day?

Why is the first interval varying so much?

Why are intervals so long?

Why are intervals so short?

Does SuperMemo not contradict findings of Tony Buzan?

Is 75% of information not lost within 24 hours?

Why cannot intervals decrease from time to time?

Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo: speed of learning

Is knowledge really retained in memory for ever?

How is it possible that SuperMemo produces maximum speed of learning?

Why can I not see more than 50-100% improvement in the speed of learning?

How can you claim a 50-fold increase in the speed of learning?

Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo: advanced questions

How shall I interpret forgetting curves?

Is SuperMemo better than MegaMemory or SuperLearning?

Does SuperMemo not contradict principles of MegaMemory?

Why isn’t knowledge associative in the SuperMemo method?

Does burning one’s fingers also require repetition to remember?

Can I use SuperMemo to improve intelligence?

Is it true that music can improve remembering?

Can the SuperMemo method be used to forget things?

Why cannot forgetting index change with the number of repetitions?

Why can I not limit the number of repetitions scheduler for a day?

Why does the forgetting curve span only 20-days?

How can Repetitions indicate 7 while Cases 31. Which is true?

Other questions

What is SuperMemo World's e-mail?

How do you memorize complex concepts like backgammon?

Why do questions suggest answers?

Why do not questions suggest the number of correct answers?

How do you easily learn examples associated with my items?

Why are sounds linked to questions, not answers?