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MegaMix Installer Bug, July 27, 1999

We have recently documented three cases in which users of MegaMix were not able to install SuperMemo collections on their computers. From this page you can download a fixed installer (250K) which has been confirmed to have solved the documented installation problems.

Important! If you do not have any problems with the installation, there is no need to download!

Installation with the new installer:

  1. Insert MegaMix CD-ROM #1 in your CD-ROM drive. Please wait until your computer recognizes the CD-ROM
  2. Unzip the downloaded file (install.zip)
  3. Place the installer (install.exe) in any empty directory
  4. Run the installer (e.g. with Start : Run in Windows)
  5. Proceed with the installation. Follow the instructions on the screen

If you have any problems or questions related to installing MegaMix please write to SuperMemoMail

We apologize for any inconvenience and loss of your precious time.

MegaMix can also be installed manually:

  1. Installing SuperMemo: copy sm98.exe from the root of the CD-ROM #1 to any empty directory (e.g. c:\megamix). The program does not require any DLLs and does not change the Windows registry. It is ready to run immediately after copying to the hard disk
  2. Installing collections: copy the <collection>.kno file and the <collection> directory to any directory on your hard disk (preferably to the systems subdirectory in your SuperMemo directory). For example: to install Japanese Hiragana, copy the file \japanese\hiragana.kno and the directory \japanese\hiragana to c:\megamix\systems\ (you will arrive at: c:\megamix\systems\hiragana.kno and c:\megamix\systems\hiragana). Some multimedia collections will yet require setting the pointer to your CD-ROM drive (use Tools : Options : Data access : Secondary storage and change the dirve letter to point to the correct CD-ROM drive where you keep CD-ROM #2). Important! After copying collection files from CD-ROM to your hard disk, you have to turn off the read-only attribute on ALL files. Otherwise, SuperMemo will not be able to open such a read-only collection!
  3. Installing other components: you can yet copy bin directory from CD-ROM #1 to your SuperMemo directory (e.g. c:\megamix\bin) to get access to help and Question of the Day