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Status bar

The status bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen (only if Window : Status bar is checked on the main menu):

wpe12.jpg (3884 bytes)

The status bar displays information, which is also available in the statistics window.

The first field shows Memorized/(Memorized+Pending). In other words, it shows what proportion of elements have already been memorized.

The second field shows (Outstanding items + Outstanding topics + Final drill items)/(today's original Outstanding). It illustrates how many outstanding elements scheduled for the current day have yet to be reviewed (the first two numbers connected with a plus sign) or have to be rehearsed yet with the final drill (the third number, if present). For example, (112+276+23)/476 means that out of 476 outstanding elements, 112 items and 276 topics have already been reviewed, while 23 items require additional review in final drill.

The progress bar displays the graphic representation of the same information as the second field. The blue color shows the proportion of elements passed successfully today (i.e. passed with the grade Bright (5) or Good (4)). The red color shows the proportion of elements passed with the grade less than Good (4). And the white color shows the proportion of elements that have not yet been passed.

The right part of the status bar is used to display hints for menu items, buttons, statistical parameters, etc. As you have probably noticed, this part becomes yellow as soon as the mouse pointer moves over a screen component such as button, menu item, etc. You can double click the hint display area to turn the hints on and off