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Statistics window

The Statistics window can most conveniently be viewed by pressing F5 (Window : Layout : Warrior layout). 

The picture below shows an exemplary Statistics window. The description of individual fields is presented below the picture. Click the picture now to open it in a separate window for easy comparison of fields and their descriptions:

SuperMemo: Statistics of the learning process

The caption of the statistics window displays the name of the collection in square brackets. The presented collection is named All.

Learning parameters displayed in the statistics window:


  1. Items are added to the final drill not only during standard repetitions when you grade an element below Good (4). Operations such as Remember (Ctrl+M), Remember Cloze, and Add to drill (Shift+Ctrl+D) will also add to the final drill queue. The final drill queue is created automatically only if you uncheck Tools : Options : Learning : Skip final drill
  2. Some fields of the statistics window can be edited. For example: Alarm, Measured FI, Total time, Rep count, etc. To edit and entry, click it, type the new value and press Enter. If the entry cannot be modified SuperMemo will warn you (e.g. "Retention entry cannot be modified").
  3. See Survey 1994 and Survey 1999 for some interesting notes about the speed of learning reached with SuperMemo