Contents : SuperMemo for Pocket PC
How to buy or unlock SuperMemo for Pocket PC

As of November 2013, SuperMemo for Pocket PC is freeware.

To become an owner of a fully-functional SuperMemo for Pocket PC do the following:

  1. You may, but you do not have to download while purchasing. You can always download the most recent built from the site.
  2. If you have downloaded only SuperMemo CE executable (SMemoCE.exe) or its zipped version: using ActiveSync1, copy the downloaded (unzipped) file (SMemoCE.exe) to your Pocket PC device (for example, if you place it in the folder My Device\Windows\Start Menu, you will receive immediate access to SuperMemo from the start menu2)
  3. Run SuperMemo on Pocket PC

Thank you for choosing SuperMemo!

  1. Naturally, you can download directly to your device using a mobile phone or through GPRS. In other words, you do not need a PC to complete the installation
  2. There is a limited number of positions available on the start menu. You may need to delete some earlier positions to free space for SuperMemo