Subset operations


Accessing the subset processing menu

You can process all elements in a given collection, in a given branch of the knowledge tree or in a browser by means of the subset processing menu.

This menu is available as Process collection> on the File menu, as Process branch> on the contents menu, or as Process browser> on the browser menu. It can also be accessed in the Contents and in the browser with a dedicated menu button on the toolbar (second from the left in both cases).

Subset processing menu items

The options of the subset processing menu are listed below. Subset elements should be understood as the elements of a given collection, the elements of a given branch or the elements listed in the browser (depending on the context in which the menu is used: File menu, Contents, or browser, respectively).





Forgetting index







Set title

Set concept group



SUBSET STATISTICS (Feb 26, 2016)d:\colls\Advanced English 2016 Elements: 45843Items: 44800Topics: 1043Memorized: 44801Dismissed: 1044 Items: 22.87% of all itemsTopics: 0.25% of all topicsMemorized: 8.40% of all memorizedBurden: 30.413 elements/day (2.98%)Item Burden: 30.41 items/day (9.98%)Topic Burden: 0.003 topic/day (0%)Item Priority: 40.5964Topic Priority: 2.3695Item Repetitions: 6.693Topic Reviews: 0.006Item Interval: 4288.903Topic Interval: 0.276Item A-Factor: 4.127Topic A-Factor: 2.551Average recent postpones for items: 103.878Average total postpones for items: 104.898Average recent postpones for topics: 0.003Average total postpones for topics: 0.003Recent postpones sum: 4653718 + 3Total postpones sum: 4699435 + 3 Requested forgetting index: 9.99%Measured forgetting index: 13.17%First repetition f. index: 51.86%Last repetition f. index: 7.9%Forgetting index cases: 183393RETENTION: 93.26% Item text size: 2.576 MBTopic/task text size: 2934 bytesTotal text size: 2.579 MB