Sleep and learning research. You can join the program!

You can contribute to the understanding of the impact of sleep on learning! Here is how: 

What you need to participate

What you get in return

How to submit your data

Send your sleep.tim, <collection>.kno and RepetitionHist.dat files via e-mail: 

  1. Please use sleepYEAR @ to submit your data (or get further help). Remove spaces around the @ sign and replace YEAR with the current year to convert this address into a valid e-mail address

  2. Send your RepetitionHist.dat file from your collection's info folder. This file reveals only grades, timing of repetitions, etc. (as seen in Repetition history, Ctrl+Shift+H). This file does not reveal any personal data nor contents of your collection

  3. Send your collection's kno file (e.g. MyCollection.kno). This file is only needed to read the first day of your learning process (all data in RepetitionHist.dat is relative to the first day of learning). This file also reveals some of your learning statistics: number of elements, average forgetting index, Burden, etc. (as seen in Statistics window, F5). It does not reveal any personal data nor contents of your collection 

  4. Send your tim file from SleepChart (e.g. sleep.tim). This file reveals the timing of your sleep blocks as displayed in SleepChart

  5. If you have specific questions to ask about your own sleep and learning, please include them in your mail. The software used in the analysis of data is constantly being improved to include new analytical angles

  6. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt, please re-check the e-mail address and send your mail again. If you still do not get a confirmation, use other addresses at or leave a note in SuperMemopedia

If you do not have your own data yet

Thank you in advance for submitting your data!