Developing SuperMemo 8
(from Short history of SuperMemo)

In late 1994, SuperMemo World started work on SuperMemo 8. The program was supposed to combine all suggestions of users of SuperMemo, journalists, scientists and merge it in one coherent entity based on theoretical grounds delineated in the doctoral dissertation Economics of learning by the author of the SuperMemo method, Dr Piotr Wozniak.

The projects was planned to be completed within three years.

As early as in September 1995, SuperMemo World released SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 1 CD-ROM. It included concepts that were entirely new to SuperMemo: knowledge hierarchy, hypermedia, mind maps, and more. This product was presented to the hands of 500 beta-testers who have collectively shaped the development of SuperMemo 8 pre-release line over the next 16 months.

In January 1996, the SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 2 was released as the hypermedia shell for the Video English course of English. This title sold 2000 CD-ROMs in the first month and provided further feedback from users of earlier versions of SuperMemo, as well as from people who had never heard the name SuperMemo before.

In September 1996, the SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 3 was released as the shell for the Cross Country course of English.

The three Pre-Releases have totalled about 10,000 users providing a solid basis for making sure that SuperMemo 8.0 does not miss functionality and simplicity to which users of SuperMemo 7 have been accustomed. And all that along the new hypermedia capabilities, CD-ROM title authoring, courseware authoring, automatic student testing, and more.

Here again are the main steps in the development of SuperMemo 8.0 in the years 1995-1997:

* SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 1, September 1995. Released for beta-testing purposes only. Included: hypermedia capabilities, knowledge hierarchy, scripting, programmability, new repetition spacing algorithm, and more.

* SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 2, January 1996. Released as a shell for Video English. Functionally comparable with Pre-Release 1.

* SuperMemo 8 Pre-Release 3, September 1996. Released as a shell for Cross Country.

* SuperMemo 8. Released in May 1996 as a shell for Deine Chancen in Deutsch.

* SuperMemo 8.3 followed in October 1997 as a shell for Advanced English 97

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