Adding customized items

To start adding items with customized fonts or colors, remember to activate full SuperMemo (e.g. by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F12 and setting Tools: Options: Data access : Access mode to Full Access).

To append items using the default classic template, just press Ctrl+A repeatedly. If you would like to use your own template, with your own colors, fonts and location of windows, do the following:

* define a template item that will contain the components in their requested locations (for example, you might create a text component for the question part of items, and a text component, marked as Answer on its pop-up menu, for the answer part).

* save the template with element pop-up menu command Template : Save As Template. Provide the template with a name, e.g. Classic.

* specify the default appending template with Options : Appending : Default item template. Use the template name provided in the previous step (e.g. Classic). Alternatively, you can use Tools : Categories and double click the Default template field to specify the template used with particular categories. Even if you define no categories, SuperMemo creates a category called Default that you can use right after creating a new knowledge system. Default item template affects only the template used by the current category.

* in the Contents window, choose the node to which you want to append all new items by default, and choose Make hook on the context menu. Alternatively, you can use Tools : Categories and double click the Hook Node field to specify the title of the element that should become the hook of the particular category.

* press Ctrl+A each time you want to add a new item to your knowledge system. All your items will be appended to the hook node and will initially be created along the default template specified earlier.

Note that when you append new items with Ctrl+A, SuperMemo will at some point suggest that you change the hook of the current category. See Category Change to learn more about this possibility.

As you learn more about SuperMemo, you will want to keep more different categories with different append templates. For example, you will want to add different item to your Biology node and different items to Geography node. For more read about Tools : Categories.