Common questions about SuperMemo 7

General questions

Can computer illiterates use SuperMemo?

Can SuperMemo be used without a computer?

Using SuperMemo in a lab

Using SuperMemo on other computers

Hardware requirements

Differences between SuperMemo 2, 5, 6 and 7

Differences between SuperMemo 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.

Size of SuperMemo

Writing customized databases

Selling databases to SuperMemo World

Shareware databases

Database Bank


Using SuperMemo

Why does SuperMemo ask difficult questions?

Changing the order of memorized items

Changing the order of items in the database

Correcting database errors

Transferring items between databases


Backing up databases

Backing up SM7.EXE


Increasing the frequency of repetitions

Compatibility of databases for SuperMemo 6 and 7

Problems with SuperMemo 7 databases in SuperMemo 6


Fonts (e.g. Cyrillic)

Mathematical formulas

Sampling and resolution of sound files

Size and attributes of bitmaps

Travelling with SuperMemo

Grade parameter does not change

Time updated only at repetitions


Using Copy

Using KBD files

Grade scale from 0 to 5

Grade scale from Null to Bright


Problems with Search

Slow increase of intervals

Learning to recognize opera passages

Using SuperMemo in a family

Why EDIT 1, not just EDIT?

Learning vocabulary definitions

SuperMemo Toolkit

Virus attack

Neglecting repetitions

Converting diacritical codes

Merging databases

Converting text files to SuperMemo databases

Converting databases to text

Using other file formats (DBase, 123, etc.)

Sharing files between databases

A database for a group of students

Changing the order of items in a database

Swapping questions with answers

Printing the content of the database

Manual installation of SuperMemo

Optimization technique used by SuperMemo

Too long intervals

Intervals increase by only one day

Reshuffling items

Lower grades produce longer intervals

No correlation between grades and intervals

Repeating forgotten items on the next day

Why is first interval not equal in all cases

Using Lapses and Approximate

No grades at memorizing and final drill

Why do grades not affect E-factors at memorizing?

Why do E-factors equal 2.5 at the beginning?

Interpretation of E-factors

Repetition vs. Cases

Interval vs. Day

Theoretical aspects of SuperMemo

Remembering forever

Learning not so fast as claimed by SuperMemo World

Maximum possible speed of learning

First repetition after 24 hours?

75% of knowledge lost in 24 hours?

Is permastore possible?

We cannot compare SuperMemo with MegaMemory

Minimum information principle and associativeness

Increasing the speed of learning 10-50 times

Traditional learning does not use equally spaced repetitions

Can I not achieve retention over 10% without SuperMemo?

Burning one's fingers is remembered for ever

Forgetting with SuperMemo

SuperMemo and intelligence

SuperMemo vs. artificial intelligence