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Statistics window

The statistics windows, Statistics and Element data can most conveniently be viewed by pressing F5 (or choosing Window : Layout : Apply Layout : Classic). This arranges the statistics windows in the classic shape first introduced in SuperMemo 3.0 (1988):

Learning parameters displayed in the statistics window:


  1. Items are added to the final drill not only during standard repetitions when you grade an element below Good (4). Operations such as Remember (Ctrl+M), Remember Cloze, and Add to drill (Shift+Ctrl+D) will also extend the final drill queue
  2. Some fields of the statistics window can be edited. For example: Measured FI, Total time, Rep count, etc. To edit and entry, click it, type the new value and press Enter. If the entry cannot modify SuperMemo will warn. For example: Retention entry cannot be modified
  3. See Survey 1994 and Survey 1999 for some interesting notes about the speed of learning reached with SuperMemo