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Difficulty levels

SuperMemo provides four difficulty levels for users of different degree of familiarity with the program:

  1. Beginner level - this is the default level that provides only the most essential operations for using the program, i.e. adding new material and learning it (see the picture below)
  2. Basic level - this level builds upon the beginner level and introduces learning management functions such as Forget, Remember and Dismiss. It also introduces functions for editing the knowledge tree: Add, Sibling, Insert, etc.
  3. Middle level - this level introduces collection management functions (Delete collection, Copy collection, etc.), editing components, advanced search functions and browsing functions, Options, Mercy and layout management
  4. Professional level - this level provides full functionality of SuperMemo for advanced users 

The levels in SuperMemo can be changed by means of File : Level. Additionally the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F12 can be used to circle between levels

Both Begginer and Basic levels provide simple interfaces that can entirely be localized by means of Tools : Options : Language : Localization table

Beginner level

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Professional level (picture composite)

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