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Add new

Button Add new at the bottom of the screen makes it possible to add new learning material to SuperMemo:

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If you click Add new (or press Ctrl+A), SuperMemo will add a new item to your collection and create two editing fields: one for the question and one for the answer. You can type in the question, press Esc to move to the answer field, and type in the answer. Press Esc again to finish editing the newly added element

You can change between editing the question and the answer by choosing Ctrl+T. You can also start editing the question by pressing Q (or A to start editing the answer). Again, Esc can be used to finish editing

Professional level

If you want to organize your knowledge into groups and hierarchies, read about creating the knowledge tree

If you want to go beyond simple question and answer mode, you can define a template that will determine the look of newly added elements (e.g. font, color, size, number and type of components, etc.). This way you can, for example, make sure that apart from question and answer fields, your element always includes a picture to illustrate the question

If you would like to keep elements of different look, you can define many templates (e.g. a template with maps for learning geography, a template with a spell-pad for learning spelling, etc.). You can most easily use many templates if you define categories. Each category will use a different template and will be used to collect knowledge of different type

Frequently Asked Questions

You can define French keyboard for use with SuperMemo
You can change the size of the question and answer windows
You can edit the font used with your elements
You can keep different fonts in the question and answer fields
You can add pictures to your items
You can add chemical formulas as well
You can easily copy elements
You can (hyper)link one element with another
Elements can be topics or items