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The button Review at the bottom of the contents window can be used to learn a selected branch of knowledge tree. For example, if your collection contains branches such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you might want to learn Chemistry before you learn the other subjects. For that purpose do as follows:

  1. Open the contents window (e.g. by clicking Contents on the Navigate toolbar at the top of the element window)
  2. Find Chemistry in the knowledge tree (open individual branches by clicking small plus signs)
  3. Select Chemistry (e.g. by clicking it)
  4. Click Review at the bottom of the contents window

Review will sequentially go over the branches of Chemistry and make you learn all pending items (i.e. elements you have not yet learned). Repetitions will proceed in the exactly same way as in the case of pressing Learn with this difference that only items on Chemistry will be considered.

Once all elements in the Chemistry branch have been memorized, Review will inform you about this fact and start reviewing all memorized elements. This way, you can also use Review to review some part of material before an examination. Remember, however, that all review procedures done by methods other than the SuperMemo method (i.e. other than Learn) interfere with the algorithm. Once you review the material, SuperMemo will be fooled by how well you remember it, and might apply intervals that will be far too long. Consequently, your measured forgetting index might increase substantially and you might be disappointed with how little you remember.

Important! Do not abuse Review and Random test options if you really care about retaining quality knowledge for years!