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The option View : Special : Leeches can be used to locate all elements that cause problems in the learning process. This option makes use of the element filter dialog box that can be used to find all element meeting a specific set of criteria such as the number of repetitions, number of memory lapses, length of the current interval, status (memorized, pending, or dismissed), type (item or topic), etc.

The purpose of locating leeches is to reedit most intractable items with a view to applying appropriate mnemonic techniques. Alternatively you can reset elements (e.g. to deal with them later), dismiss them (to use them only as reference, e.g. with Search : Find elements), or simply delete them.

To maximize the effectiveness of the learning process, you should learn to use View : Leeches and periodically remove from your collection most intractable and badly structured material

The following fields can be used to select the minimum and the maximum values that fall into the range defined for difficult elements:

If you do not want to use a given criterion, uncheck the check-box associated with a given field. If you do want to use it, check the check-box and specify appropriate minimum and maximum values.

The fields Type, Status, Item, Topic and Memorized should not be used in searching for leeches. By definition, all leeches are memorized items.

Once you click OK, all leeches meeting the specified criteria will be found and will be displayed in a browser.

Leech parameters are stored between sessions in the file <supermemo directory>\<systems>\<collection name>\ks.ini in the section [Leech].