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Using ClipBoxes

ClipBoxes are used as temporary caches for elements and components. They work like the Windows clipboard. First you place an object in a ClipBox and then you can paste it as many times as you wish. When the program terminates, ClipBoxes are emptied. All ClipBoxes have a form of colorful garbage cans placed on the toolbar. When a ClipBox is filled up, the box will bulge with its contents. You can view the contents of the ClipBox by pausing a mouse over it for a short period of time (only if hints are on). You can empty a ClipBox with Ctrl+click.

These are the kinds of ClipBoxes available on the toolbar:

Element ClipBox is used to copy whole elements. To place an element in the ClipBox use one of the following methods:

To duplicate the contents of the element within another element, drag the contents of Element ClipBox on the destination element. This operation will have similar effect to Apply Template or Duplicate (both available from element pop-up menu). Note, however, that Duplicate is the only operation in this group that will increase the number of elements in the collection. You can empty the Element ClipBox with Ctrl+click.

Component ClipBox is used to copy components. To place a component in the ClipBox use one of the following methods:

To copy a component, drag the contents of the Component ClipBox onto the right spot in the destination element. You can empty the Component ClipBox with Ctrl+click.

Hyperlink ClipBox can be used in creating hyperlinks. A hyperlink is a connection between a component and another element. By clicking a hyperlinked component, you move to the hyperlinked element.
To create a hyperlink:

  1. place a hyperlinked component in the Hyperlink ClipBox as you would do it with Component ClipBox above
  2. create a hyperlink between a component stored in the Hyperlink ClipBox and a given element by dragging the contents of the Hyperlink ClipBox onto the linked element.

Those two steps will open a way to accessing the linked element from the linking component by clicking. You can empty the Hyperlink ClipBox with Ctrl+click.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I empty a ClipBox? In SuperMemo 8, I would empty by a click
In SuperMemo 98, you have to Ctrl+click. This is a protection from losing the contents of the ClipBox too easily