Component ClipBox

Component ClipBox is a temporary cache for components. It works in a way similar to the Windows clipboard. First you place a component in the ClipBox and then you can paste it as many times as you wish (into any chosen element in the collection). When you close SuperMemo, the ClipBox is emptied. The ClipBox is located on the Actions toobar under the violet garbage can icon. When the ClipBox is filled up, the trashcan will bulge with its contents.

This is all you need to know about the ClipBox:

  • to place a component in the ClipBox choose Copy/Cut/Paste : Copy to ClipBox on the component menu
  • to copy a component from the ClipBox to an element, drag the contents of the ClipBox onto the right spot in the element window
  • to view the contents of the ClipBox, pause a mouse pointer over it for a short period of time (only if hints are on)
  • to empty the ClipBox, Ctrl+click it

Notes for users of SuperMemo 8, 98, and 99

Earlier versions of SuperMemo used two other ClipBoxes that are no longer needed:

  • Element ClipBox can now effectively be replaced by Copy Element and Paste Template on the Format toolbar (or on the element menu)
  • Hyperlink ClipBox is no longer needed as it is quite convenient to create hyperlinks by choosing Hyperlink on the component menu, clicking the element to link to in the contents window and clicking Accept (in the contents window)