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Element data window

The Element data window can most conveniently be viewed by pressing F5 (Window : Layout : Warrior layout). When you double-click the element data window, you can view the element's repetition history.

This is a typical element data window after a repetition:

Element data window in SuperMemo after executing a repetition

The caption of the element data window displays the element number and the element title. In the presented example, the element is listed at position #23344 in the collection and its title is "anat: the tendon that attaches the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to the calcaneus bone". Element titles are automatically generated from the first question text.

Element data (left panel)

Element data is displayed in the left panel of the element data window. It includes the following fields:

Repetition data (right panel)

To understand repetition parameters displayed on the right of the element data window you may need some rudimentary knowledge of the SuperMemo Algorithm. This knowledge is not essential for your progress in learning. Here are the fields of the repetition data in element data window: