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Installing SuperMemo

To install SuperMemo on your computer do the following:

  1. Order and download
  2. Run the downloaded file: sm04inst.exe (or sm2004zip.exe if you used an FTP download)
  3. Run sm2004.exe (created while running the exe file in the previous step)
  4. Unlock SuperMemo with your unlock password sent in response to your order (within a business day)

If you are a computer beginner, please read Installing SuperMemo for Beginners. You will find there step-by-step instructions for downloading, copying files, installing learning material as well as upgrading from earlier versions of SuperMemo

Un-installation in seconds

SuperMemo does not install any files in folders other than its own. It does not pollute your MS Windows with DLLs. To uninstall, simply delete the folder in which you unzipped sm2004zip.exe. If you installed with sm04inst.exe, you can also use uninst.exe from the uninst folder to uninstall SuperMemo without uninstalling your learning material