Error communicating with MS Outlook (#5436)
(Alex, Friday, August 05, 2005 3:36 AM)
SuperMemo displayed the following error when trying to import e-mail in bulk: 
"Error communicating with MS Outlook 
Operacja nie powiodła się. 
Nie można odnaleĽć obiektu
This is a bug in SuperMemo 2004 triggered when you use a non-English version of MS Outlook. You could try to work around it by creating a folder named Inbox and then choosing a new import folder for bulk import with Pick Folder. You can expand on this workaround by clicking Edit at this knowledge base article: 

Installer cannot contact download sites (#452)
(Smith, James G., Jan 27, 2005, 23:21:40)
I recently ordered a SuperMemo 2004 upgrade and I’ve been getting the message "All download sites are temporarily unavailable" when trying to run the installation
If this problem reoccurs, please contact us for alternative download instructions. Sometimes a proxy server or a firewall or trouble at local ISP can result in the installer being unable to download SuperMemo. Alternative download instruction will give you direct access to the server, which nearly always resolves the problem