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Adding components

Adding components (e.g. pictures, sound, etc.)

The easiest way to add new components (e.g. texts, pictures, sounds, video, etc.) is to choose options from Edit : Add components menu (you must choose File : Level : Middle or File : Level : Professional for the Edit item to be available on the main menu).

The fastest way to add texts and pictures is to paste them directly from the clipboard (with Shift+Ins or Ctrl+V). When you paste texts or pictures from the clipboard, SuperMemo will create new components for you. To paste data to an element you may need to quit editing individual components. You can do so by pressing Esc a few times.

You can also use the Compose toolbar to add new components. This toolbar can be found on the main docking toolbar (if visible) or displayed with Window : Toolbars : Compose on the main menu:

If you must add the same components to many elements over and over again, read: Using templates. Templates automate the process of adding components to many elements.

Using the Compose toolbar

All component buttons on the Compose toolbar make it possible to add new components to the element display area (the inside part of the element window). 

To add a new component you need three mouse clicks:

  1. on the button corresponding to the component type on the Compose toolbar (e.g. Text component button)
  2. on the top-left corner of the area where the component is to be placed (within the element window)
  3. on the bottom-right corner of the area where the component is to be placed


Compose toolbar buttons

Here is the use of individual buttons on the Compose toolbar: