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Subset learning

The button Learn at the bottom of the contents window can be used to execute outstanding repetitions on a selected branch of the knowledge tree. For example, if your collection contains branches such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you might want to learn Chemistry before you learn the other subjects.

Using Learn in the contents window is like using Learn in the element window, except only elements belonging to the selected branch will be considered in repeating outstanding items and learning new material.

Alternatively you can choose Learning : Learn branch on the element menu to begin branch learning from one of the ancestors of the currently displayed element (Ctrl+Alt+L).

The parameter Subset in the statistics window indicates the progress of repetitions in a branch. The number before the plus sign indicates the number of outstanding repetitions, and the number after the plus indicates the number of pending elements in the branch. The name in the parentheses shows the title of the currently processed branch.

Branch learning does not keep a separate final drill queue and elements that score less than four are put to the global final drill queue

For example, to use Contents : Learn to learn a branch called Internet, do as follows:

  1. Open the contents window (e.g. by clicking Contents on the element toolbar at the top of the element window)
  2. Find Internet in the knowledge tree, i.e. open individual branches by clicking small plus signs. In the example below, you might first click the plus sign near "all" (when the branch opens + is replaced with -), then near "Sciences" and then near "Computer Science"
  3. Select Internet (e.g. by clicking it)
  4. Click Learn at the bottom of the contents window
  5. Make repetitions in the same way as with the standard button Learn in the element window. Only elements related to the Internet will take part in repetitions