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Use Insert HTML link to edit your HTML texts and reuse objects stored in your SuperMemo collection or link to other elements in the collection. Do not use these options to simply build HTML pages. Use your favorite HTML editor instead. You can import your HTML pages with pictures, sounds and scripts with Import file on HTML component pop-up menu (e.g. after saving them with Internet Explorer as Web Page complete). 

Insert HTML link appears on the HTML component pop-up menu. To open an HTML component pop-up menu right-click over the HTML component. You can switch the current component with Ctrl+T.

Insert HTML link submenu can be used to insert a variety of hyperlinks into the HTML source code. Those hyperlinks include those that are not normally interpreted by web browsers. These are SuperMemo specific and make it possible to link to other elements and registry members such as text, HTML files and images.

In order to insert a hyperlink, the HTML component must be in the editing mode, i.e. its HTML source code must be available for editing.

The Insert HTML link submenu on the component pop-up menu includes the following options: