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SuperMemo News Archive: 1997-2001

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This award is particularly precious due to the fact that SuperMemo is rarely perceived as an authoring tool suitable for developing applications for children. The authors from SuperMemo World and WSiP (Polish educational publishers) have skillfully hidden the complexities of SuperMemo's authoring shell behind entertaining and easy-to-use content derived from the Deutsch Global book series for primary schools. Deutsch Kompakt outdistanced publications by other reputable publishers such as DD Komputery, Albion, Edgar Multimedia, WSiP SA, and Vulcan Media

SuperMemo 1.0 for Palm Pilot

Visual planet recognition test (48700 bytes)

Mathematics (Tests) freeware - cone terminology; drag&drop exercise

Right-circular cone drag&drop (12524 bytes)

Sign Language freeware

Sign alphabet (8101 bytes)

SuperMemo for Windows CE

Helmut Kohl at SuperMemo World

Product of the Year Award for SuperMemo