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Mnemonics Using the Phonetic System
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Author(s): Greg Reppas
No. of items: 118
Rating: 3.0 (out of 5)
Last updated: Mar 06, 2003
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The phonetic system when used in conjunction with SuperMemo software will provide a powerful, yet easy means to memorize and learn long strings of numbers (phone numbers, addresses, etc). The intent of this collection is to provide "easily-pictured words" that represent a number (0 -799). Once converted, these words can then be linked together to remember the original string of numbers. Remember, there are a lot of words that can represent any given number (22 = nun, noon, or nine), but the example provided in the collection is the one that I use (feel free to use your own). Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the chart below then proceed to learning the collection.....IT WILL PAY HUGE DIVIDENDS!

1t, dt has one downstroke
2nn has two downstrokes
3mm has three downstrokes
4r"four" ends with R
5lLatin 50 = L
6j, sh, chJ reversed looks like 6
7k, g (hard)Visualize a K drawn with two 7s
8f, vCursive f has two loops like an 8
9p, bP reversed looks like 9
0z, s"zero" starts with Z

This is the standardized mnemonic system used by memory experts. It has been optimized in order to make it easy to learn and use. Note that pairs of letters have been grouped together because of their phonetic similarity, such as t and d or p and b. If you are not familiar with phonetics, whisper the word "dog." Notice that it sounds like "tok". This is how you can tell which sounds are phonetically similar.

Here are some rules about using the number alphabet:

  • The alphabet is strictly phonetic. For example, the word "cough" should be thought of as KoF and translated into 78; "gem" is pronounced JeM and is thus 63.
  • Double letters are not counted. For example, "Butter" translates into B, T and R (only one T).
  • Three consonant sounds do not appear in the chart: W, H and Y. Why, you ask? Good question! Good answer! Vowels are always ignored, as well as W, H and Y mentioned above. The long word "hollow," for example, contains just one useful letter: L.
  • When creating words from consonants, vivid nouns usually work the best, rather than adjectives, verbs or other related words" (HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY).
Additionally, three digit numbers can be memorized by using the mnemonic "ROY G. BIV" (colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) in accordance with the below chart:

100 series(R)ed
200 series(O)range
300 series(Y)ellow
400 series(G)reen
500 series(B)lue
600 series(I)ndigo
700 series(V)iolet

So, the number 756 could be remembered as a "violet leach" -- (700 series = violet; 56 = "la" and "cha" or "leach"). Or, our friend Jenny's telephone number (8675 309) can be memorized by "a fish (86) eating a violet lime (753) then sawing (0) into a pea (9)" Have fun with the following collection and remember that it is intended to be freely distributed.


  • HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY (C) 1994,98 by Kevin Jay North
  • Mind Tools Website, Essential Skills for an Excellent Career (
  • 2Know Website "Unforgettable Software" (
    Q: mnemonics: What number corresponds to the phonetic "chah", "jah", "gah (soft g) or "shah"?
    A: 6

    Q: mnemonics: What is a possible "phonetic word" that would represent 86?
    A: Fish

    Q: mnemonics: What color represents the 300 Series?
    A: Yellow

    Q: mnemonics: The number 522?
    A: Blue (500) Nun (22)

    Q: mnemonics: The Phone number 876-1895?
    A: possibility: A Fig (87) eating an indigo dove (618) then punting a ball (95)

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