SuperMemo will help you learn faster!

It is enough that you spend 3 minutes reading this page to be able to begin learning with SuperMemo!

For a good start, you only need two options:

  1. Add new - to add new questions and answers to SuperMemo (keyboard: Alt+A)
  2. Learn - to review the material that you want to remember (keyboard: Ctrl+L)

SuperMemo: Adding new questions and answers at the Beginner Level

Start learning now! Initially you may doubt the power of SuperMemo. Trust it for 1-2 weeks and you will begin to understand it better. Add at least 50-100 questions-answer pairs related to your job, your life, or your interests. See how SuperMemo schedules the material for review.

Summary: The ABC of SuperMemo

Important! Learn will ask you to review your material only after a few days. For that reason, spend your first days on adding new material for learning.

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