Fonts tab in Options

Fonts tab in Tools : Options (Alt+O) provides the following options:

SuperMemo: Tools : Options : Fonts tab

Figure: Changing the interface font in SuperMemo

There are four basic font options on the Text submenu of the component menu in all text components.

RTF and HTML components can use either formatted text with many fonts or space-saving plain text. To convert the text in HTML or RTF components to plain text use Text : Convert : Plain text on the component menu (e.g. press Ctrl+Shift+F12). To change the default font used in unformatted plain text in your HTML components, change the stylesheet used in the component, or, if the stylesheet does not define the font, the setting in your Internet Explorer (Tools : Internet Options : Fonts). Once you modify fonts in an unformatted text in HTML components, the text will be saved as HTML again.

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