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USER COMMENTS (compiled: November 1999)

Doug Dicharry [], USA, Apr 4, 1999 - Your program is WONDERFUL. It is just what I have been looking for, and I feel very fortunate to have come across it on an Internet search on "memory." Thanks to you and your staff for all the hard work. I look forward to hearing about new developments with SuperMemo

Marc R. [], USA, Mar 18, 1999 - SuperMemo has been an absolute God-send. I can't tell you how much I utilize and rely on this program. I can't begin to adequately express my gratitude. Thank you!  [...] I recommend this program to all my students. As a matter of fact I recommend this program to anyone who will listen [...] I think this program is nothing short of miraculous and I am eternally grateful

Jake White [], USA, May 13, 1997 - I recently discovered your product, SuperMemo. What an incredible program! [...] I have found Super Memo to be a quantum leap over other flashcard programs available (and I have tried/bought a lot of them). I [...] applaud you for creating a program which contributes so mightily to the good of all of us

Clark Hamilton [], contractor at Microsoft, USA, Jul 29, 1999 - I was learning most of the complex programming topics by reading and committing information to memory using SuperMemo [...] Thanks for a great tool that has served me well by greatly accelerating my career advancement

Jim Ivy [], USA, Nov 1, 1999 - I really like the automatic cloze creation in your new version. It should save me a significant amount of time [...] I keep telling everyone about SuperMemo - if I did not own a computer, I would buy one just to use SuperMemo!! [...] Each day as soon as I boot my system, SuperMemo is there to drill and refresh me on the things I need to know to grow and progress in my job [...] SuperMemo is the most effective learning tool that I have found [...] Thank you for the difference you have made

Mark Forster [], UK, Apr 26, 1998 - Thanks for a really great product... I love SuperMemo!

Nihat Ozer [], USA, Mar 24, 1999 - Last year, I used SuperMemo. previous version, I do not remember which one, God, it was excellent, I memorized 100 words in just half an hour. It was such a cool thing. Congratulations for developing such an "awesome" thing for us students

Sheila OShea, SOS Tutoring Sheila OShea, SOS Tutoring [], USA, Jul 15, 1999 - I have a student who has working memory problems and related anxiety (these two have a forward and backward cause and effect relationship). He has started using SuperMemo and has become confident about his learning for the first time... It was exciting for me to see him conquer his fears! Thanks for that!!

Sean Mcaree [], UK, Mar 19, 1999 - Thanks for the excellent service you provide [...] I am spreading the word about SuperMemo 98 and my friends are interested in its application as a study tool. [...] Many thanks again. SuperMemo 98 is a winner!

KWOK SUI WO PAUL [], Hong Kong, China, Mar 3, 1999 - After using the software a week, I like to show my deep appreciation on its performance and especially, I can input Chinese character for my own database, that means, Chinese people can use this software directly for practice. I believe, if this software can be introducted into China, it would be a huge market!!! Keep me informed if there is any further improvement

Grzegorz D., Poland, May 1, 1999 - SuperMemo is the best software in the world!

SAID H. Y., Switzerland, Feb 18, 1999 - I have been using SuperMemo for the last several months and really I have felt big difference especially when it comes to self-confidence. Before the era of SuperMemo, I was almost always afraid whether I will loose or forget my knowledge or not. Now it's over

Carl Johnson [], USA, Jul 5, 1999 - I used SuperMemo during my C++ programming class at Front Range Community College. Yes, I received an A in the class and consider "SuperMemo" to be a valuable tool towards my degree in Computer Science

Ian Stewart Cairns [], Virgin Net, USA, May 18, 1999 - You really are the most helpful people (it's a refreshing sight for a jaded cynic like me)... I look forward to the next release of SM98 with relish. Keep up the excellent work!

Edward D. K., programmer, USA, May 14, 1999 - I was writing a program to do what SuperMemo does when I found it on the WEB. WOW Great software

David K. H., Peking University, Beijing, China, Aug 9, 1999 - It is absolutely fantastic to be able to have the computer keep track of what needs review and what doesn't. I have tried regular flash-cards and have always met with less than dazzling success

Arun S., USA, May 15, 1999 - I was more than delighted to see a complete professional software in the market and also which validated my guess that this is a revolutionary approach to learning. Keep up the good work

Jerzy C., Wprost, Poland, Jul 25, 1999 - I am a happy user of SuperMemo 8. This program is a revelation. I have used versions 7.0 before and struggled with two languages at the university [Original text: Jestem juz szczesliwym posiadaczem SM8. Program ten to dla mnie objawienie - posiadalem wczesniej wersje 7.0 - przewalczylem z nia 2 jezyki na studiach]

Bogdan Jerzy Kowalewski [], Poland, Apr 26, 1999 - Today morning I bought the first issue of Easy English in a newsstand. Congratulations! This is a great event on the language learning market. Your company has set up a new standard in this field [Original text: Dzisiaj rano dostalem w kiosku Pierwszy Nr Multimedialnego Easy English. Gratuluje, to jest moim zdaniem wielkie wydarzenie na rynku wydawnictw lingwistycznych. Wyznaczyli Panstwo nowy standard w tej dziedzinie]

Marcin Mazurek, Multinet, Poland, Apr 23, 1999 - I have learned a lot [with SuperMemo]. It saved me from failing the French class :) [Original text: sporo sie dzieki niemu nauczylem:) uratowal mnie przed 2 z francuskiego:)]

Jiri, Czech Republic, Mar 13, 1999 - I use SuperMemo everyday and must say that my knowledge of English has been substantially improved thanks to the program. I don't want to make it sound bad but I do admit that the item from Culture/Grammar "SuperMemo is addictive like a drug" holds for me 100%

Marjolein Hoekstra [], the Netherlands, May 12, 1999 - I am very impressed with SuperMemo and everything related to it [...] Keep up the good work

Zoran Maksimovic [zmaksim@InfoSky.Net], Serbia, Feb 9, 1999 - I've received Advanced English today (08.02.1999.). My first impresion is "Excellent"

Othello D. C., Philippines, Apr 17, 1998 - Your software is really, really, really great

Antonio P., Italy, Mar 10, 1998 - This program is exceptional!

Vidar Garlie [], Norway, Sep 9, 1999, I just want to say that I am very pleased with the program

Christian ěstensen [], USA, Sep 22, 1999 - I'm very satisfied with SuperMemo and the service you're giving

Troy S., USA, Sep 29, 1998 - I found myself learning alot more of how SuperMemo works and I want to Thank you for that. I believe learning tools like yours is the future in Computer applications today

Jerry M., USA, May 26, 1999 - I'm happily using SuperMemo 98 however my credit card account was never charged for this software which I bought in December 1998. Let me know if you need me to do more [the customer qualified for a free upgrade which was noticed when processing his order]

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