Piotr Wozniak, CV

Dec 11, 2017 (updated)

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Born: March 1962, Milanowek near Warsaw, Poland

Primary schools: (1969-1976): 8, 36, 72 and 30 in Poznan

Secondary school: (1976-1980): 9-th general education school, specialization: chemistry, biology and English

University education:

Doctoral degree:

Current research interests:

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I apologize for my shortcomings that make it hard to communicate and work together on important projects. In particular, I apologize:

Considering the above, you may ask if I even like or care about other people. With all my work I hope to contribute to a better world. I love people! Love is often a problem. I need rational methods to temper and organize my enthusiasm for people, projects and ideas. I believe my attitude will be increasingly prevalent in creative professions. It is not dictated by lack of concern for others. It is dictated by efficiency! I apologize to anyone who feels offended.


I would like to recapture the idealized image of pre-industrial scientist who could focus entirely on his research pursuits. Like Newton in plague years, or Darwin on Beagle, or Darwin in his later years when he was writing the Origin of Species. Modern scientists justifiably complain of the need to juggle family life, administration, travel and commute, publish-or-perish pressures, battling for grants, student supervision, lecturing, information overload and Inboxes bursting at the seams. Contrast this with Darwin's work in his study, walks in nature, time for family, and pacing himself slowly to write the text that changed the world.

This ideal is supposed to be served by the drastic measures I take: creative vacation, ditching the cell phone and travel, using mostly e-mail for communication, working on one project at a time, blogging as opposed to rigorous publishing, using bare feet rather than a car, etc. Not only does simplicity serve the efficiency, it is also a good formula for a happy life.

I regret that my e-mail communication is erratic. There are countless interesting people in the world. I would love to know them all and learn about their lives, habits, their learning and their sleep, their creative habits and methods, the way they raise their kids, etc. and yet I need to squeeze this all in a reasonable time slot. Hence incremental e-mail processing that isn't great for continuity and yet it is best for extracting long-term value from communication. Quality should take precedence over Quantity. Please stay in touch independent of my shortcomings.