Advanced English CD-ROM with SuperMemo 8


Advanced English is a question-answer material designed for learners of English vocabulary and grammar. In combination with SuperMemo, it is probably world's best and fastest avenue towards excellent command of English surpassing the linguistic knowledge of native speakers. You can now order Advanced English with SuperMemo on two CD-ROMs directly from SuperMemo World


Advanced English is a proprietary material developed at SuperMemo World specifically with the view to using SuperMemo. The system has first been released in eight parts in 1992 as a text only version for SuperMemo 6. In 1993, it was re-released in once piece comprising 35,000 items and designed for use with SuperMemo 7. In 1994, an improved version illustrated with 25,000 audio recordings was released on CD-ROM.

Over the last three years, Advanced English has continually been improved with newly emerging language constructs and adapted for use with SuperMemo 8. All users of earlier versions should highly appreciate the new release even if they have already memorized a substantial proportion of the 1994 release.


  1. 40,000 items of updated lexicographic material with newly popular phrases such as: network computer, website, HTML, CDR, DVD, Prozac, taxol, Ecstasy, rowbike, mad cow disease, and many more.
  2. access to individual items by: (1) lexical category, (2) substring search, (3) alphabetical, (4) priority of the item in the learning process, (5) item difficulty, and many more.
  3. system entirely editable and extensible including texts, translations, sounds, comments, phonetic transcription, and many more.
  4. categorization of the material into a knowledge tree with main categories: (1) General English, (2) Sciences and Technology, (3) Economics, Law and Political Sciences and (4) Culture and History. For example, excitatory synapse can be found by category in Advanced English : Sciences, Technology and Medicine : Medical Sciences : Physiology : excitatory synapse.
  5. phonetic transcription comprising 72,000 items presented using IPA notation (the transcription registry is extendable and editable).
  6. instant phonetic transcription on mouse move (the program replaces English texts with IPA phonetic transcription).
  7. updated audio material comprising 27,000 recordings of which over 5,000 are completely new (American pronunciation). All sounds are sorted in editable sound registry by name.
  8. separate sections of the system for testing pronunciation, spelling and comprehension.
  9. additional supporting systems such as English Grammar, etc.
  10. all new exciting features of SuperMemo 8 such as: browsing items belonging to a given category, random test on categories, random learning, item filters, item range and subset operations, append nodes, item ordinal numbers, item path, etc. including all features of earlier versions of SuperMemo 7
  11. pleasant graphic and musical setting that parts with the monotonous SuperMemo 7
  12. additionally, users in Poland will obtain translation of the system to Polish with new options such as: editable translation registry, instant translation on mouse move, etc.


Apart from including over 20,000 items on general English, Advanced English puts a strong emphasis on science, technology, medicine, business and economics. It practically covers all areas and language aspects that should be known to a well-educated modern individual. Here are the main categories of Advanced English including the statistics expressed in SuperMemo items:

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