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Advanced English is a question-answer material designed for students of English vocabulary and grammar. In combination with SuperMemo, it is the world's best and fastest avenue towards excellent command of English. It makes it possible to surpass the linguistic knowledge of native speakers

You can download the entire Advanced English 2014 with multimedia files without the need to order a DVD. You can also update earlier versions without losing your work, learning, text or picture edits. The update is free for all registered users of Advanced English 1997 and Advanced English 2002 (download, CD or DVD versions). Users of Extreme English can also upgrade free, however, they may not be able to update their old collections.


Advanced English is a proprietary material developed at SuperMemo World specifically with the view to employing SuperMemo. The system has first been released in eight parts in 1992 as a text only version for SuperMemo 6. In 1993, it was re-released in once piece comprising 35,000 items and designed for use with SuperMemo 7. In 1994, an improved version illustrated with 25,000 audio recordings was released on CD-ROM.

Between 1994 and 1997, Advanced English has continually been improved with newly emerging language constructs and adapted for use with SuperMemo 8. It was then released as Advanced English 97 with 27,000 partly updated recordings. New phrases included network computer, website, HTML, CDR, DVD, Prozac, taxol, Ecstasy, rowbike, mad cow disease, etc.

Between 1997 and 2002, Advanced English kept on growing and improving. The material grew to include 41 thousands questions and answers. This material was also used to develop Extreme English, and other collection for learning English (e.g. various SuperMemo Library mixes). New phrases included dot-com, Easy.go, ethnic cleansing, cybersociology, evolutionary psychology, gaydar, screenager, foot-and-mouth disease, gamma testing, suicide bomber, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc.

In the years 2002-2014, the collection has been enhanced by pictures submitted by users of SuperMemo (see the file list at Advanced English wiki). The material increased to 45,000 items. Outdated material has been removed, while newly emerging words and phrases have been added to the collection. Examples used in learning have been made up-to-date (e.g. referring to current events rather than the events from the 1990s). 


  1. 45,000 items of updated lexicographic material with newly popularized, newly emerging, or newly recognized phrases such as: USB, hotspot, spamdexing, IED, staycation, unfriend, GM food, cyberchondria, walkathon, locavore, piggybacking, selfie, SFW, zorb, and more
  2. access to individual items by: (1) lexical category, (2) text search, (3) alphabetical, (4) priority of the item in the learning process, (5) item difficulty, and more
  3. system entirely editable and extensible including texts, translations, sounds, comments, pictures, phonetic transcription, and more
  4. categorization of the material into a knowledge tree with main categories: (1) General English, (2) Sciences and Technology, (3) Economics, Law and Political Sciences and (4) Culture and History. For example, excitatory synapse can be found by category in Advanced English : Sciences, Technology and Medicine : Medical Sciences : Physiology : excitatory synapse.
  5. phonetic transcription comprising 72,000 items presented using Unicode IPA notation (the transcription registry is editable and extensible).
  6. instant phonetic transcription on mouse move (the program replaces English texts with IPA phonetic transcription).
  7. audio material comprising 27,000 American pronunciation recordings (1997 material has been digitally processed to improve quality and reduce size)
  8. image registry with 2500 pictures submitted by users of Advanced English to illustrate questions with difficult definitions
  9. integrated sections for learning pronunciation, spelling, and grammar
  10. subset review can be done on material selected by category, branch, words or phrases included, difficulty, priority, ordinal, repetition date, interval, failure count, etc.
  11. subsets of material can be advanced, postponed or rescheduled for optimizing the learning process


Apart from including over 15,000 items in General English category, Advanced English puts a strong emphasis on science, technology, medicine, business, and economics. It practically covers all areas and language aspects that should be known to a well-educated modern individual. Here are the main categories of Advanced English including the statistics expressed in SuperMemo items (for details see the picture at the bottom of this document):


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Advanced English 2014 Contents:

Advanced English 2014

For comparison, Advanced English 2002 with expanded branches and element counts: