SuperMemo under Linux: FAQ

Robert Osowiecki, January 2001, Poland

This text is a translation of SuperMemo in Linux FAQ (in Polish) posted by Robert Osowiecki from Poland. This text is obsolete. The author no longer responds to support mail. For newer alternatives see:  SuperMemo under Wine

Q: Does SuperMemo work under Linux?
A: At this moment, there is no dedicated version for Linux. However, you can run SuperMemo for Windows using WINE. This is what you need to do:

  1. Get SuperMemo. If you do not have this excellent program, go to SuperMemo Website. You can also download freeware from Simtelnet or one of its mirrors (for example in Poland: See also: SuperMemo Freeware
  2. Install WINE. Many Linux distributions include Wine emulator with the installation disk. If you have some experience, you can get the newest source from the Wine project site: I recommend the latter solution. The newer your Wine, the faster and more efficient SuperMemo is
  3. Copy and unpack SuperMemo in your home directory (or any other directory with the writing privilege). Warning! In the Wine configuration file, wine.conf, you should not use the option Filesystem=unix! You should choose win95 or msdos
  4. Run SuperMemo, learn and forget about forgetting

Q: Does SuperMemo work ok under Wine?
A: Yes. I have tested it under many versions of Linux, various distributions and various releases of Wine. Currently, I use SuperMemo 7.5 Public Domain and Wine release 20001026. Before that, I had used the Polish version of SuperMemo 7.2 with earlier releases of Wine

Q: What if I cannot install Wine?
A: You got a problem! Don't bank on me. Please have a look at the documentation of your Linux distribution, Wine's docs, WINE-HOWTO, user groups on Usenet or ask hacker friends. 

Q: Hooray! Things go excellent!
A: Congratulations. Please drop me a line which version of SuperMemo and Wine you are using. If you manage to solve problems that could help others, please write about it. The more e-mail I get, the richer this FAQ might be. 

Q: Will there be a dedicated version ofSuperMemo for Linux?
A: SuperMemo for Linux is expected as a port of SuperMemo 2000 under Kylix.

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