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Element parameters dialog box

If you choose Edit parameters on the element pop-up menu, press Ctrl+Shift+P, or double click the empty area to the right of learning buttons at the bottom of the element window, a dialog box with editable element parameters will open.

This dialog provides the following fields:

You are most likely to use the element parameters dialog box in the following circumstances:

  1. Changing element's ordinal (open the dialog and type in the new ordinal). You can also change individual ordinals by editing them in the element data window
  2. Changing element's forgetting index (open the dialog, press Alt+F, and type in the new forgetting index). You can also change individual forgetting indices by editing them in the element data window
  3. Moving the element to another contents category (open the dialog, choose another category in the Category field, and click OK)
  4. Adding a comment (type it in the Comment field)
  5. Viewing the history of repetitions for a given element (click History). You can also view the history of repetitions by double-clicking the element data window
  6. Viewing the details of difficulty estimation for a given element (click Difficulty)

Elements that are tasks have the Task tab enabled in the element parameters dialog box:

wpe8.jpg (41733 bytes)

The Task page includes the following task parameters (this page is inactive for items and topics):