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Mobile Learning with SuperMemo Marek Hyla
tel: +48 12 292 05 50
Development Manager
Research & Development
Internet Investment Fund
Press Release, for Immediate Release, for further information, please contact: Justyna Durmaj, PR Manager +48 22 816 7215, +48 606 990 104

Internet Investment Fund, the first leading incubator and investment fund promoting the development of internet technologies of the new economy, signed an agreement on cooperation with SuperMemo World s.c. from Poznan (Poland), the owner of the SuperMemo technology. The technology provides computer support for fast memorization that makes it possible to speed the process of learning up to 50 times. The result of the cooperation will be a system for mobile learning: 3GEMS (working name).

The first version of the product, operating on WAP platform has been announced for late September 2000 together with the complementing Internet module. Further development of the platform has been planned until the end of 2001; it assumes implementation of state-of-the-art technologies of data transmission and presentation (BlueTooth, 3rd generation mobile telephony, etc.) Partners are planning to invest approximately US$ 0.5 million.

Until the end of the year 2002 IIF plans to gain another million users of SuperMemo on the WAP platform

Corporate Information

The Internet Investment Fund (IIF) is a company established in 1999 to promote the development of high-technology companies employing the market tendency towards the new Internet-related model throughout Poland. Within its holding structure, the IIF develops Internet-based technologies, providing each of the companies with seed money, business and marketing assistance, strategic research, analysis of competition, technological and infrastructure support, as well as the placement in the structures of national and international cooperation. The goals of the IIF are production and export of state-of-the-art technologies from Poland, and launching vertical Internet services. The IIF perceives the Central and Eastern Europe as the market for providing Internet services, whereas its sales of solutions and technology are aimed at the global market. The IIF unites the choicest Polish business and engineering human resources supported by the excellent Advisory Board representing the most influential and modern trends in Polish enterprise. The distinctive feature of the companies operating within the structures of the IIF is the “an Internet Investment Fund Company” hallmark

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This project ultimately led to the development of supermemo.net

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